25 Facts about Me

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1. I was born in Khon Khen, which is a northeastern province of Thailand, but neither my paternal nor maternal lineage remainsthere nowsaday. My dad was from Korat (another northeastern province) and my mom from Surin (yet another northeastern province … ^^”..). They just met each other at Khon Khen University, and got married after that. Lots of people say, though I look soooo much like my parents, I look neither like a Khon Khen-ian, Korat-ian nor Surin-ian … ^^”… (well…. ^^”..)

2. My original nickname is “กล้วย” (a Thai word meaning ‘Banana’ in English) because my mom’d like to name her daughter after the fruit. Unfortunately, the word was too hard to pronouce for my Chinese great-grandmother who took care of me as a baby, so she changed my nickname into ‘Jee’, a Mandarin-Chinese word meaning ‘money’.

3.My full name ‘Jitiya’, which means ‘the one with a good heart’, comes from my mother’s maiden name ‘Jit Dee’ (a Thai word meaning ‘Good heart’).

4. I (think I)can (still recall how to ^^”) play some Thai musical instruments, such as Thai flute (ขลุ่ย) and fiddle(s) (ซออู้ กับ ซอด้วง) . Used to be in the school’s band (playing the national anthem at 8.00 am. etc. ^^”) when I was in primary school.

5. I spent only 2 years in junior high school (at Samsen Wittayalai School, BKK) and only 1 year in high school (at Triam Udom Suksa School, BKK), yet I had my address in the junior high school year book –dunno why ^^”, and my face in the high school year book — the M.4 & M.6 ones — The first because I was actually there, and the later because my friend, Samila, called me to join the photo session on the day it was taken 😉

6. Because of no. 5, I became a university student when I was 15 years old. I used my temporary identity card (the ‘yellow’ card) for the university entrance exam registration.

7. P Tua, my code-sister at the Faculty of Arts,was my mother’s friend’s daughter. I knew her before entering the Fac.– but never imagined her as my code-sister … How come the world’s soo round ..^^”..

8. I used to have my hair cut short during primary, junior high school years; slided when I was a third year student, and curled when I was a fourth year student at the Faculty of Arts. After that, I come to learn that long, stright hair is the safest choice — most easy to take care off, and save time 😉

9. I met my first (and only — so far, at least ^^”) BF when I went to the English Camp as a 2nd year student. He was from the Faculty of Communication Arts (Majored in Advertising) , not the Faculty of Engineering 😛 Though, looking back then, I couldn’t understand why and how I could ever love (or like, or whatever the feeling was …^^”..) him at all, the experience makes me realise one fact that still hold true till today — I always fall for the ‘creative’ type 😉

10. I spent 7 years ( 4 undergrad. and 3 grad.) studying English as a major subject at the Faculty of Arts. Still, though there are several things I like about this faculty, I think the way they teach English here is very discriminating, especially for people who (unfortunately) do not possess, or fail to acquire, British nor (Northern) American accent. The courses I enjoyed most were translation, as at least I felt ‘belong’ to a language 😛

11. I went abroad for the first time when I went to UK for my masters degree in 2002. Considering the salary I’d receive as a government official, I thought then that UK could be my first and last trip…. ^^”…

12. I was wrong for no. 11 … ^^”… I’ve been to 11 countries so far : UK (London, Scotland, Wales, etc — been there for a year … ^^”.. ), France (Paris), Chile (Santiago, La Serena), Myanmar, Korea (Daegue), Singapore, Vietnam (Hanoi), Australia (Sydney, Cairnes, Port Douglas), Indonesia (Jarkata, Bali), USA (Miami, LA) and Peru (Lima, Arequipa, Tacna).

13. I don’t have a valid ‘personal’ passport nowsaday— All my trips are ‘official’ 😉

14. I kept writing on-line diary since 2002-– that was when I went to UK. Because of the URL changes, my past entries are not ‘all on-line’ … ^^”… My current one is here.

15. People in my office call me ‘Ji Jee’ — The name was firstly called by my first boss ‘พี่อิ่ม’ , who thought that my original nickname ‘Jee’ was too hard to pronounce, as well as too hard to remember. The new nickname must be much easier — ‘coz practically everyone in the office has called me my the name ever since … ^^”…

16. I believe that birthdate & month somehow influence people’s character. And, though I never ask for people’s birthdate & month before taking them as friends, most of my best friends were born either in Pieces (14 March – 13 April) or Cancer ( 14 July – 13 August — though those who’re born in early August always claim that they’re born in Leo, not Cancer .. ^^”..)

17. I (admittedly… ^^”..) could not concentrate on TV soaps — be it Thai, Japanese, Korean or whatsoever … ^^”.. — , Considering it’s such a waste of time, I always have to do something else in front of the TV e.g. browsing the internet, reading a book or a newspapers, etc.

18. Despite the fact(s) that my dad’s working for the TOT and that I love having someone to talk to, I HATE making phone calls … ^^”… I believe they somehow destroy people’s privacy, so if I call someone, there must be something I really need to talk to him/ her. I have far better ways to get rid of boredom than making random calls.

19. I generally don’t mind people misspelling/ mispronoucing my name or surname — understanding that my name “จิติยา” could be easily led them to think of other more common names such as “จิตติยา” or “ฐิติยา” , and that my surname is very long…. ^^”… I will correct them only in official document, or when it happens to be the case that people I dislike for other purpose misspelling/mispronouncing my name/surname : “No, THAT IS NOT CORRECT. — It should be “J-I-T-I-Y-A” with only one “T” in the middle, okey?”

20. I normally drive (a red Honda Jazz, year 2003) to work, but because of my poor sense of direction and finding a parking spaces, I’d prefer skytrain or underground.

21. I can’t remember where most letters are on the computer keyboard, and still have to look at the keyboard from time to time even now… ^^”… My typing skills and speed came from purely working as a TA to Assoc. Prof. Chantana (the head of the Department of English by the time I was doing my masters degree there) and MSN chatting, not from taking any typing course….. ^^”…….

22. The only sport I can ‘officially’ play is Badminton … – m e a n i n g – … I’m not THAT good at it, but at least I have good shoes, a good racket and can remember some rules thanks to my friend, Mod, and her gang …(…. well….^^”….)

23. I practically CAN’T dance….-“-… be it Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha or any easier steps…. -“-… I didn’t learn them in school becase I skipped M.6 (please go back to no. 5 — if you need an explanation:P) … I didn’t learn them in university, though most of my friends did , because I was too lazy to go to the class that was held at the Faculty of Education :P…… You’re ruining your night (… and perhaps your feets … ^^”… ) asking for my hand for a dance… ^^”…

24. I am not living up to any high professional goal. As a matter of fact, I don’t care that much about what position I’m holding — though I believe there’re some real blessings that enable me to make use of most things I’ve learnt in school(s) for my career e.g. drafting speeches, letters and reports in English, and mostly on ‘gender’ topics. I’m quite o.k. with living a ‘small’ life, and enjoying ‘small’ happiness in my own way… ^^… Yet I’d rather die living some real & good contribution to the world i.e. making it a bit better place to live in for later generations, or at least making it more understandable…. ^^”… That’s the main reason I choose to work on a PhD (…. to make sure that I’d die fast… 555… )

25. I will get married with & when I find someone I feel like talking to for the rest of my life… ^^… I mean, I don’t care if he (or she — if there’s a day same sex marriage is possible in Thailand .. ^^”..) is talking back or not, or is not listening to me at all. The point is that he/she’d need to be someone I’d like to be there when I need someone by my side….. Well, I know that’s a bit complicated .. ^^”… , but there’s – s o m e t h i n g – (… or – s o m e o n e – , to be more exact 😉 that makes me believe that kind of person does exist, and is not that hard to find 😉

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